So what’s this all about? We don’t have a 30-second commercial just yet, so we’ll start with some of the highlights.

Before we dive in, the most popular question we get if you haven’t yet heard of us, is, “Why would we trust you?” and the answer is, our roadmap is building a system where you shouldn’t have to trust us, or anyone, but yourself. You will get the private keys to unlock your personal information. You also have the ability to delete your encrypted ID information from our website any time. This means that not even our team can look at your identity once it’s been guarantored in our system.

For Users:

We protect you from privacy breaches. Any websites you log in to using IDVPN, you no longer have to worry about if or when they’re hacked. Why? We assign you a virtualized identity, or a nym, to each and every website you use. This way even if one website you use is hacked, and they know you as “Suzie Smith” there, that’s not your real name, and that name is not used on any other website, so your actions there are not tied to your real identity.

Even though we give you a different nym for every website, we ensure you can participate in any website that requires some of your ID attributes. Imagine for example you’re Canadian and wanting to buy something online that requires you prove you’re 18 years old or older and live in Canada — we will look at your ID in our system, confirm you’re 18 years old, and live in Canada — but we will only tell the website “Yes, this person is a legal user”. We’ll not tell them your real age, or where you live, just that you’re legally able to use that website and make purchases.

Whatever you do online, as long as it’s legal, we’ve got your back. As long as your actions are legal, we’ll fight to protect your identity to the full extent of the law. That being said, we do comply with legal production orders from law enforcement, which go through five lawyers to ensure they’re valid. It’s a novel approach on how we handle these requests, and we’ll explain it in an upcoming blog post before we open to the public. What’s important to note is that we’re not the morality or ethics police — we don’t place stigma or judge. Our role is to protect the legal behaviour of what you do online.

Our CEO is a globally recognized privacy and security expert, passionate about protect citizen’s privacy, which has been his life’s work. We know which websites track your behaviour online, and we take all of the steps we can, to prevent that. The first step we take in doing this is we assign you a nym, or virtual identity, for every website you use through us. This means that even though you’re “Mark Johnson” on one website, you’re “Laura Ingress” on another, so even if the administrators of those two websites collude, neither will know your real identity. If you’re really paranoid, we even offer a service where we can assign you a new pseudonym for every transaction or interaction you make on a given website.

For Vendors:

We de-risk you from privacy breaches. According to IBM, for each stolen record in a privacy breach with sensitive or confidential information on it, will cost you $148 USD. The average cost of a privacy breach is $3.86 million dollars. What’s it worth it for you to outsource this to experts?

Not only do we protect you from privacy breaches, we save you money by becoming your identity management (IDM) system. What does it cost you to build your IDM, and have it maintained? Why not outsource this to experts, so you can focus on what you do best, your main line of business.

We don’t do this just for simple websites, we provide you any level of compliance requirements you’re legally obligated to fulfill. From something as simple as making sure your website visitors are 18 or older for mature content on your website such as beer advertising, we’re ready to handle your anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) requirements as well. We’re registered with FINTRAC. This means that we’re ready and able to handle compliance requirements for the cannabis and cryptocurrency industries, or anything where proceeds of crime are a concern. We welcome high risk industries, we welcome no risk industries, we welcome any vendor who realizes that collecting personal information is a liability and is ready for industry experts to handle that, so you can focus on what you do best.


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