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Control access to your online identity

... even with businesses that require your information for 'KYC compliance'.

What is KYC ?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an industry standard process for businesses, requiring them by law to verify the identity of their clients in order to prevent illegal activity.

Who Does it Serve ?    


For Users:

IDVPN is the first privacy-centric marketplace, creating a bridge between KYC compliance and your right to privacy and anonymity. Once your ID has been validated, you are instantly eligible to do business with any vendor for which you meet the KYC minimums. IDVPN only provides what is required by each industry for compliance (for example, a confirmation that you meet age/location requirements).

Meanwhile, the rest of your identity information remains entirely private (birthdate, address, name, gender etc).

This allows you to maintain privacy while vendors are able to meet regulatory requirements - so your business is your business.

If the vendor experiences a security breach, your data is still protected because they never had it!

We prioritize your privacy so you don't have to.

User Experience

Control Access to Your Information

Vendors do not have access to your identity information. They are simply able to verify certain information about you - and even that is only provided with your explicit permission.

Using PGKYC for Online Purchases

Our Advantage

No other platform is more trustworthy as a custodian of your information than PGKYC