(Dec 23,2019)

We’re developing our privacy policy on a client by client basis as we find our first 100 business customers — as a customer, you will have a privacy agreement with us before you go live.

Website: We use WordPress and NGINX, so we collect the standard analytics these services collect. We don’t share or these, and use them for internal use online.

Any information you provide us, such as your identity, we have no intention of sharing, or selling outside of the specific areas you consent. Currently, we one way hash this information, but in the future we plan on a full PKI implementation.

This privacy policy may be updated any time, you can tell when it was last updated by the large date stamp at the top.

If you have any privacy questions or concerns, email our privacy officer at kris@idvpn.ca and he will respond within 30 days. If you don’t get a confirmation notice that your email was received within 2 business days, please also reach out to him on Twitter in case email has an issue.